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Reducing CO2 emissions is everyone’s business. Find out how to involve your company’s employees.

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Rest assured, under no circumstances will CYC2 share your personal data such as names, addresses, etc.

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The carbolean program begins with observation and monitoring.

We take a picture where you are now today right away. We regularly measure your CO2 emissions to assess if you are still in a ascending CO2 curve.


Our robots collect on your behalf all consumptions coming from fuel cards and electrical bills from your company cars, that is evident but also data from travel agencies for your travels by plane and train.

We integrate expense notes for business trips such as taxis or public transport.

If you have production data, coming from your factories, from the heating of your industrial buildings, we integrate them too.

You will immediately have the answer to the question: "it's serious doctor"?

Above all, do it now: operators typically offer historical consumption & usage  for time periods ranging from 6 months to 3 years (sliding window). It is therefore  crucial to start this monitoring immediately to take control of your historical CO2 curve.

We match these data with the users and their position in the company (Business Unit, cost center,...) to identify often unsuspected carbon leakages. You will say when we shall give them to you: "But for God's sake, that's of course...."

Understand is already to act.

To objectify our observations, we implement the GHG (Greenhouse Gas Protocol) methodology, by applying appropriate emission factors (in kg of CO2) for all consumption and usage collected. We then calculate the total CO2 emissions in Scope 1 (Fuel), Scope 2 (Electricity) & Scope 3 (indirect emissions).

Using your company's operating data, but also data  from your suppliers and subcontractors, we establish a dashboard of your CO2-equivalent emissions, measured objectively by an independent company. 

You will be able to bring forward facts and figure , thanks to us, with your customers, shareholders, suppliers today and, tomorrow, with the authorities who will ask you how you contribute when 2030 approaches (and when it is too late).

The Carbolean program continues when you actionate your employees and your ecosystem

The approach of CYC2 is also to invest in your employees to transform them into actors of the sustainable development of your company.

With our Carbon program, the reduction of the CO2 footprint is not accompanied by an increase in investments but by a reduction in costs because of less CO2.

It also means fewer resources being used to do the same thing.

The impact is concrete, immediate for the planet, for your company, your customers, your sales and contributes to give sense to your employees in a greener economy.


If you want to get involved, go to our dedicated website.