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Reducing CO2 emissions is everyone’s business. Find out how to involve your company’s employees.

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Rest assured, under no circumstances will CYC2 share your personal data such as names, addresses, etc.

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The Carbolean program services


CO2  Dashboard

The Carbolean program calculates CO2 emissions and presents a set of key indicators (KPIs) in a clear and easy to use BI Power Dashboard.

The CO2 dashboard helps create a precise overview of carbon emissions per country, business unit, supplier and Scope. The fine granularity (up to the user) helps precisely measure the impact of a CO2 reduction policy. Give incentives to your employees ofr decrease their CO2 footprint ! 

Fleet management report

For each period, CYC2 draws up an action list for the fleet manager of company cars. The action list report states the unused cards, non-allocated cards, entrance and exit cards, inconsistencies in fuel use or in the distances registered by users.

CO2 Awareness report

To measure is to know, to (re)act is better!

By informing the employee of emissions linked to their travel, whether they are private, related to commuting or business-related, we do away with getting a free ride. Your employees, who do not have the information to conduct themselves as rational users, will not travel in a rational manner, and that’s normal.

Using a push method, in a format you choose, the employees will receive information that classifies their emissions as compared to the average of their colleagues (at the department, site or country level, or as compared to all employees internationally - that’s up to you). Social Control is at work 

This method, which was theorized by two recent Nobel Prize winners, has been proven  as actionable for more than 10 years by CYC2. It really makes it possible to eliminate misuse and waste. It generates a virtuous and positive change of habits.