Reduce the costs of your fleet while respecting your needs. See how CYC2 achieves this with the Optifleet program.

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The impact your vehicle fleet has on your business

Company vehicles are a work tool in their own right in the same way as information technologies, computers, tablets and smartphones. Perhaps even more so in fact because they respond to the new challenges of mobility, nomadism, dematerialisation and geographically dispersed teams. And, above all, they are essential to certain professions.

They are also a means of attracting employees and building their loyalty.

If nothing is done to control and validate their use, the associated (direct and indirect) costs can quickly increase and particularly complicate fleet management.

The user has a role to play: vehicle fleet managers can have an overview of the behaviour of their employees at the wheel. Driving has an impact on two of the largest budget items: petrol or diesel consumption and accidents (with the resulting costs of immobilisation, repair costs not covered, insurance premiums).

As a manager, you have a wealth of information on hand that makes it possible to optimise your car budget. For example, you receive fuel consumption data via the cards that you have given to your employees. Our big data tools make it possible to establish a typical usage profile for the cars in your fleet and to identify deviations. We can in many cases attribute the latter to an excessively sporty driving style or clear misuse. However, we also identify the cars that are used too little or those used in an environment in which it would be preferable to opt for electric or hybrid vehicles (with, in addition, a positive impact on your brand image).

Finally, there are the cars that are almost never used and that are part of the salary package: the employees would no doubt be more satisfied with another benefit. It is better to spot this in time! Among young people, for example, a car is not a necessity, just like for those who live and work in the middle of an urban centre for whom a car is a constraint.

Company cars have a direct impact on employees’ salaries through the notorious benefits-in-kind system.

Identifying drivers who are reluctant to practise eco-driving (which we can do in an initial analysis of your raw data) and training them can lower consumption by 10 to 20% and reduce accidents by 20%.

Optifleet improves your fleet management

To help you improve your vehicle fleet management and control costs, we help you put our Optifleet service in place while respecting your needs.

What Optifleet does

  • It replaces and consolidates all the files (often paper) and databases you use to manage your vehicle fleet (users, vehicles, fuel cards and contracts, etc.)
  • It automatically retrieves data on fuel consumption and kilometres driven
  • It directly increases the awareness and sense of responsibility of each driver
  • It provides you with a complete overview of your vehicle fleet and its costs (by car, by user, by fuel card, etc.)
  • It represents a valuable aid for dynamically managing expiring contracts
  • It allows you to optimise the cost of removing a vehicle from your fleet