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CYC2 analyses the cost of your mobile devices and vehicles to optimise their management. See how and reduce your costs.


Who are we ?

CYC2 ' s idea, created in 2008, comes from the field experience of both founders within Orange Business Services. At that time,  mobile data was very expensive, the roaming still existed, which did not prevent unbridled use by some employees. It was not good for the client, not good for the operator, not good for the employee. because at the end of the day, the employee had to pay the overflow. Disgusted, he decided to stop using his smartphone (and then became unreachable), The company, furious of extra costs turned back to the operator, asked for credit notes The operator got indeed more traffic from the company, but at what price: a dissatisfied customer.

We had discovered the existence of free rider in the coporate environment: when an employee does not know the cost of a resource, it is wasted. Free rider goes beyond smartphones: petrol, travel, credit card, cars

In 2103, Jean-Pierre Cuvelliez joined the original founders Frederic Witmeur and Charles Cuvelliez. He brings us his technological background and his ich experience in creating companies.

Frédéric is an economist from the Catholic University of Leuven. Before entering Orange Business Services, as a Global Account Manager in 2000, he worked for computacenter and ECS. In 2008, he started  CYC2.

Charles is a doctor engineer from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. He worked for  Orange and Proximus groups. He welcomed the first MVNOs in Belgium  when he was working for  KPN-Orange. For CYC2, he developed the core applications. In 2009, he was asked to join BIPT Council, a mandate he exercised until 2017. He then joined CYC2 that he had created with Frédéric till 2018 when he is appointed Chief Information Security Officer at Belfius. Nevertheless, he continues to support CYC2 since then.

Jean-Pierre is a civil engineer from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. He worked for ING, IBM and then founded a first company. He created a second company where he is still active as a partner after having sold his first enterprise. 

                                       Frederic Witmeur                            Charles Cuvelliez

What can we do for you

You are weighed down by the data that your providers send you (mobile operators, leasing companies, travel agencies, credit cards) and are not doing anything with it.

Is your mobility budget reasonable or are you devoting too many resources to it? You would like to know!

CYC2 does the hard work for you: it links this data to your assets and your costs. We start by helping you to put data collection in order and we structure it for you. We analyse it to establish typical usage profiles for everything that you provide to your employees and we verify their efficiency.
You would like to motivate your employees to book with low-cost companies, your vehicle fleet is a black hole that yields nothing in the way of information and the usage of smartphones is out of control (or you think it is).

We transform your employees into economic actors within your company

Providing an employee with information about his or her usage is good, but benchmarking it is better. The facilities that you provide to employees are intended to increase their efficiency: an employee who does not use what is provided to him or her is not efficient, in the same way as an employee who overdoes it is no longer efficient either.
Informing the high-volume users that their usage is not optimal and encouraging the others to use what is provided to them more provides a better return on investment.
Just by informing the high-volume users who are not always aware of it, all of your bills decrease by 20 to 30%. By continuing this programme over time, you prevent bills from increasing again.
We put a stop to the well-known phenomenon in economy of freeriding: a resource that is perceived to be free to its user leads to usage that is out of control.

A new service for telecoms and vehicle fleet management

Initially, CYC2 filled a gap in the market where there was a lack of effective tools for managing fleets of mobile devices. At that time, its experts from the world of telecommunications offered services to improve telecoms management. Then, in the light of its success and following demand from customers, it expanded its services to include vehicle fleet management based on the same principles.

Real-time adjustment of corporate policy

Many businesses have a set corporate policy: once the situation has stabilised, we can advise your company regarding a corporate policy appropriate for the usage that is made (and which changes) of the facilities that you make available to your employees.
We inform individual employees over time of anomalies or deviations from this policy. If they are repeated, we suggest to this user that he or she switch profile and his or her options. Our specific approach is to push the information to the employee so that he or she does not have to log in to a site or enter a password or identifier. He or she receives the information by e-mail in a format that is decided by his or her company and never imposed by us.

International recognition

Our service is tailored to any format and any country. Regardless of the nature of your data, the language it is in and its format, we can process it. Indeed, if this were not the case, we would not be a big data company.
Our customers are companies of all sizes, right up to multinationals that require a standardised service in all the countries where they operate. It is our job to digest the format of supplier data and transform the latter into a single standard that informs employees, regardless of their country of origin. Besides this, it is a valuable benchmark point!

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