• AssessmentIn-depth study into use and costs
  • AwarenessAutomated information related to consumption

  • OptimisationThe search for the best solution

If your company is not reducing its carbon footprint, your customers will ... by going to the competition.  



Take control of your CO2 curve with our Carbolean solution. It allows you to detect, measure, quantify and activate your carbon emissions data spread all over your organization to really contribute to the climate efforts.

Even carbon leaks will not fall by the wayside of our program.

Give them and give yourself the means to activate the levers that will make you the first to reach the zero-carbon objective that Europe is aiming for.

And at the same time, reduce your costs by optimizing these resources that emit (too much) carbon. 

Turn your corporate policy into a practical tool for the optimisation of the resources provided to your talented people!

You give tools to your employees, and their productivity grows. A corporate policy exists to govern the use of these tools. Your (most senior) employees (barely) know it exists. You have no resources to devote to it.
Yet, an informed economic actor (your employee) instantly adjusts his or her usage and behaviour.

CYC2 can change all of that with big data analytics


  • To establish the optimal usage profile for your sector
  • To map the usage, consumption and costs of the facilities given to your employees (communications, cars, travel)
  • To verify their adherence to your corporate policy (which is perhaps outdated!)
  • To handle the management of your fleet of mobile devices and cars or corporate credit cards
  • To provide information to your employees who receive them in real-time or in the event of an anomaly
  • To challenge your suppliers who do not respect the specifications (though they swore to adhere to them)

CYC2 transforms your employees into economic actors

It transforms each user into an informed economic actor who also aspires to be a “good citizen” towards his or her employer. They are the pillars of the programme, not the managers (who have better things to do than to chase up their direct reports for their travel, mobile device or fuel expenses).

What advantages does the Costimization programme offer?

  • Quick and easy implementation that integrates with your internal communication policy (even your graphic identity)
  • No hardware or software installation on your premises
  • No tedious use of a website by your employees to gain access to the information to be given to them
  • Immediate efficiency (-30% off your bills)
  • Natural cost reduction

Prepare the End of Covid-19 Crisis - Think to e-SIM Solutions to Unleash your Travels




If you have a smartphone compatible with this new technology that makes you less dependent on your operator, if you can no longer afford roaming charges abroad (outside the European Union) or if you want to avoid bad surprises this summer, take a look at this new CYC2 service.

We also equip the IoT with this solution. Think about it!

No smartphone with e-SIM yet ? You may use our Wyfibox , an all-in-one hotpsot with its own embedded e-SIM !




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