Control your travel budget and get your travelers comply to your policy. See how CYC2 does it with the travel compliance report.

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Maintaining control of your travel budget while giving your employees autonomy

You will most probably have observed the following:

  • You have given your employees autonomy to manage their business travel.
  • - They tend to book their business trips using channels intended for the general public, thinking they are doing the right thing but forgetting that you have obtained discounts with a travel agency which to them appears very expensive.
  • - The Corporate Travel Policy is no longer suited to your employees’ travel, which forces them to deviate from it. Sometimes, an employee does not understand that the company occasionally prefers to pay more in order to manage employees’ itineraries (safety, time).
  • - You are dealing with generation Y employees. They no longer want to go to a hotel and prefer homestay options, if not Airbnb altogether. The travel department has no overview of that, except after the fact by analysing expenses statements (assuming it analyses them).
  • - You would like to promote Teamviewer or Webex in place of all of these trips.
  • - Ensuring compliance with the corporate travel policy is the managerial challenge in the age of open-booking (the employee does everything himself or herself).
  • - With the younger generation entering employment, it is impossible to not lend them a hand.

CYC2, with its big data applied to travel expenses, enables the company to maintain an overview of business travel and the budget while retaining the autonomy given to employees. It is once again a question of informing the traveller and transforming him or her into an economic actor.