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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Do I have to install hardware and deploy programmes in my company to benefit from CYC2’s services?

No. We operate remotely with data from your suppliers, and it is for this reason that we favour push e-mail. Nothing needs to be set up on your premises in order to receive an e-mail and everyone reads their e-mails.
In a later stage, we plan other communication channels, in particular the collaborative tools and professional social networks that you may have in place and within which you would also like to communicate on the usage of mobile devices by each employee.

What do I have to provide to CYC2 to benefit from its services?

Simply provide the CDRs and the holders of the numbers to CYC2. This moreover enables us to monitor the provision of CDRs by your suppliers. We ensure that they are delivered on time. We need them for our service, so you can rely on us. If you need them for another reason, you will know that they are waiting for you.

Do I have to train staff to manage the services provided by CYC2?

No. Since no systems are installed, no local management is required.

Do I have to inform staff regarding the management of the services provided by CYC2?

Yes, to the extent that information relating to any private calls and to the personal use of mobile devices will be brought to your attention by our analysis.

What is the implementation time of the Mobile Costimization programme?

It takes 24 hours from when we have your agreement and the data (CDRs and the holders of the numbers with their email addresses).

I benefit from the Mobile Costimization programme in one country and would like to extend this service to other mobile operators in other countries. Is this possible?

Yes. Our expert system has learned to digest any data from any operator worldwide. We guarantee you standardisation of the information reported to the customer and to cost centres regardless of the complexity of the offer taken up in each country.

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Rest assured, under no circumstances will CYC2 share your personal data such as names, addresses, etc.

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