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Our Mobile Costimization Program suite

Audit: There is no way to use big data without a starting point or without a benchmark. We establish a typical profile of the usage of your mobile devices, with an initial benefit of this step quite often being the highlighting of errors in your operator’s billing or the detection of dormant or misused subscriptions to the mobile service.

The operator is not doing it deliberately: it has no doubt granted you special discounts or given you a service that is different from the rest of its customers to convince you to take up this service with it. It is the management of these anomalies that is tricky. Nevertheless, errors are never in your favour, and so it is worth identifying them:

Only big data analysis highlights these errors and, believe it or not, the operator also thanks us for highlighting such errors because it corrects them as soon as possible and thus hopes to keep you as a customer.

In addition to these commonly occurring quick wins, this analysis will provide indications of the courses of action required to better manage your mobile fleet’s consumption and costs. Frequently, corrective actions can be directly implemented in order to optimise costs.

In each case, this study concludes with an estimate of the achievable cost-savings relating to your mobile fleet through better management of the relationship with the operator, through a programme to raise the awareness of your employees, or through the use of operator-independent products that we offer when no suppliers want to or are able to provide structural solutions.

User Awareness: It is at this level that bad habits are tackle. By informing an employee of the actual cost of what you are providing to him or her, we put a stop to the phenomenon of freeriding. An economic actor, your employee, who does not have the information in order to behave as a rational user will not use his or her mobile device rationally. This is completely normal.

Using a push method, in a format that decided by you, the employee receives information that classifies his or her usage compared to the average of his or her colleagues (within a department, for example sales, within a site or plant, or compared to all employees worldwide - you decide). No login and no password to be entered in a website in order to access this information (which of course nobody actually does).

This method enables incorrect use and waste to be eliminated!

Management report: Consolidated reports by Cost Centre / Subsidiary / Manager / Site / etc. can be generated automatically and sent to the different managers. These reports are highly valued for being able to monitor costs by cost centre.

Dashboarding: We can generate reports and dashboards according to the specific content and format determined by you. They allow you to maintain a clear overview of your situation and retain control over it, and, above all, they allow you to see if our service is effective. Costs that go up or costs that do not stabilise at least at 20/30% below the initial situation after application of our Mobile Costimization Program are considered a serious problem by us. These reports relate to costs, consumption, usage, etc.

Fleet Manager Action's list: Each month, a dashboard with a list of specific actions to take is sent to the mobile fleet manager. This is a comprehensive list of actions of what needs to be done to get the mobile fleet 100% up to date. Useful information is directly visible in the body of the e-mail with a graph illustrating the evolution of the actions to be taken and their value over time.

Benchmarking: Do you have to compile specifications or renew your contract? Are you having trouble finding the best operator for your company? CYC2 can use the above to overcome these difficulties and guarantee you good commercial conditions tailored to your usage (not to an average for the industry or sector in which you are evolving).

Good contract performance: Does your bill reflect your contract? Our Contract Good Execution product studies and validates the consistency of your bills, month after month, and identifies any anomalies.

Mobile Policy: The existence and application of a corporate mobile device policy that evolves and is up-to-date is essential for optimising the use of mobile services in your company. Depending on the aspects you want to include, CYC2 has a series of modules that allow you to develop a customised mobile device policy!

Training: Users are not always familiar with the specifics of the contract you have negotiated, billing mechanisms or the impact of European regulations. So that users’ actions can avoid their pitfalls and risks, we can train them on good practices and, above all, we can encourage them to use the services and take advantage of the discounts that you and we have worked hard to negotiate with your operator.

Ordering tool: Communication with your operator on the subscriptions to be terminated, the SIM cards to be ordered and the smartphones to be delivered often gives rise to errors and misunderstandings (because it is done by telephone). CYC2 makes your fleet managers’ lives easier by defining “user” profiles and communication procedures. This is all integrated in a personalised ordering tool, the effectiveness of which is measured by a service management report. Long hours spent looking at an Excel spreadsheet containing your employees’ names and the type of subscription they have is now a thing of the past.

Simba: The management of your database for your company’s mobile telephony fleet is complex (PIN, PUK, SimID, device, etc.). In this connection, CYC2 has designed an intuitive fleet management interface securely containing all the relevant information.

Consultancy: Our big data analysts remain at your disposal for any specific requests you may have.

Products that we offer in the absence of solutions in the market.

When no suppliers in the market can offer a technical solution or a service that provides a response to an excessive structural cost, CYC2 can transform itself into a supplier until the market catches up.

It is in this way that CYC2 has decided to offer an EcoSim card specifically intended for frequent travellers: if you are one, you will have noted that the cost of roaming outside Europe is going up, something known as the waterbed effect. Operators are offsetting the end of roaming in Europe scheduled for 17 June 2017 with an increase outside Europe. Since no operators are breaking ranks so as not to follow this upward trend, we needed in this case to offer an operator-independent solution. If you are one of these unfortunate roaming users because you also travel outside the European Union, all the details are on the following site:

You can, for example, install this card in a Dual-SIM Smartphone or a tablet. We can also supply a Wyfibox so that several people can use this SIM card, which gives you a data connection while roaming at prices that are nothing like those of your operator if you are unfortunate enough to have to leave the territory of the European Union.

CYC2 Wyfibox: It enables you to establish a Wi-Fi access point for you and the people around you via a box that connects to a mobile data network. It is supplied to you pre-configured and immediately operational. The Ecosim card that we insert in it guarantees you rates that will no longer leave you in a cold sweat when you leave the territory of the European Union. And if you remain in the European Union but travel, we can offer you rate plans for high-volume users (ideal in the case of a long trip by car with the family or in the case of a long-term mission on an industrial site with little coverage).

Powerdysk : Mobile charger for Smartphones. Design, usefull and customizable.


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