Reduce the costs of your mobile telephony while respecting your needs. See how CYC2 does it.


Optimisation of your electronic communications

Without electronic communications you cannot operate, but on the other hand you are not a telecommunications operator. Do not devote resources to this that would be so helpful to you elsewhere!

A programme to optimise your mobile telephony

Our suite, called the Telephony Costimization Program, takes care of the reporting of information regarding your telephony (data and voice), its usage and its costs from all your locations in Russia, China, Europe or the USA. There is no need for a (sworn) translator in order to understand something.

Our big data tools have been subject to ad hoc development for as long as we have existed.

The program is implemented very quickly: no hardware or software installation is required. However, you have in your possession all the information that matters that you want to push to employees: layout, graphic identity, information formatting, the user history to be delivered to them, the messages and advice delivered by our expert system based on the corporate policy in effect at your company.

CYC2’s procedure for managing your telecoms

What we learn from your telecoms usage, we use to help you negotiate the contract that is right for you with your operator, not the other way round! And your operator could not ask for more: a tailored contract means less income for it but also a customer that stays. All follow-up between you and the users and also between you and your operator is taken care of by CYC2.

Not only in mobile devices

Do not think that the optimisation of electronic communications involves only that of mobile devices. Think about, for example, your landlines, WebEx conference calls or others. In this connection, you cannot imagine the irrational usage that can be made of these tools due to a lack of awareness of the associated costs. A bridge used for basic interpersonal communication between two colleagues, and via 0800 access, whereas a basic direct call from extension to extension would be sufficient.
We can also take care of big data analytics on this data and highlight excessive costs relating to the inappropriate use of resources!

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Rest assured, under no circumstances will CYC2 share your personal data such as names, addresses, etc.

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