Control your travel budget and get your travelers comply to your policy. See how CYC2 does it with the travel compliance report.

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Our Travel Compliance service supports you in managing your Travel budget and your Self-Booking tools

You have given your employees-travellers broad autonomy to enable them to optimise their business travel.

You have deployed Self-Booking tools (Amadeus, Concur, Egencia, Traveldoo) that of course will not comply with all of the subtleties of your Travel Policy. You did this because these Self-Booking tools enable you to save up to half the cost of agency booking fees (between 3 and 5% of the travel budget item).

But this gain soon disappears with the uncontrolled use of Self-Booking tools, not because of misuse on the part of your employees but because they do not take the time to read the Corporate Travel Policy.

Each month, we send them a statement of their expenses and, using our expert system, we detect the cases where the Travel Corporate Policy was not complied with. It is no longer necessary to read the 100 pages of the aforementioned Travel Corporate Policy: we offer them learning-by-doing.

We very quickly observe that everyone falls into line: few deviations, and even in these cases they occur knowingly.

You may have extended the autonomy of your employees as far as granting them corporate credit cards to pay for their travel and subsistence expenses. Sometimes, these are even dematerialised credit cards in the company’s name and hosted at the travel agency, which manages, books and pays for employees’ bookings, hotels and travel.

This use of virtual cards is set to become more widespread for the payment of minor expenses, cars, smaller hotels, etc.

These cards avoid paperwork and are secure because they can be integrated with your company’s IT.

But you are missing out on a gold mine if you do nothing with the data that the credit card company sends you. You could also detect in it unintentional deviations from the Corporate Travel Policy or inefficiencies (an employee who books the cheapest travel but forgets that the additional travel time, which is often the consequence, is more expensive overall, or an employee who books a first class seat for intra-continental travel).

In practice:

  • Through our approach, your travellers feel involved and responsible for a more effective management of their travel expenses: they become economic actors.
  • Our approach is educational and kind, with the aim of positively influencing the purchasing habits of your travellers.
  • It makes it possible to increase the use of your framework contracts and negotiated rates and, consequently, gain negotiating power.
  • We rely on the optimisation levers identified in your travel policy and provide proof of efficiency via changes in performance indicators.
  • You send us or we collect your data and we organise the processing and communication to your travellers.
  • Our tools make it possible to process all the travel data from your travel agency, HR system and expenses statements in order to give you visibility of all your travel costs.
  • Your material involvement remains limited: we only require motivation on your part to successfully complete this project.