Reduce the costs of your fleet while respecting your needs. See how CYC2 achieves this with the Optifleet program.

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Rest assured, under no circumstances will CYC2 share your personal data such as names, addresses, etc.

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Optifleet offers access to a company of expert adjusters and valuers for motor vehicles

Your Optifleet contract also entitles you to privileged access to E.A.R., a company of expert adjusters and valuers. These experts are independent of the insurance companies, dealers and leasing companies. They put their technical, commercial and legal expertise at your disposal.

  •  Assistance from E.A.R., a company of expert adjusters and valuers
  •  Support for developing and drafting a Car Policy (increasing the user’s sense of responsibility, excess amounts, choice of vehicles and options, etc.)
  •  Support during negotiations relating to a lease contract (operational, financial, etc.)
  •  Support during negotiations of a framework insurance agreement
  •  Legal guidance in the event of an accident or contractual dispute
  •  Advice in the event of exceeded kilometre limits
  •  Reference points for monitoring your repair bills
  •  Support for monitoring the quality of repairs