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Reducing CO2 emissions is everyone’s business. Find out how to involve your company’s employees.

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If your company is not reducing its carbon footprint, your customers will ... by going to the competition. .

We see that more and more with our customers: the pressure from citizen-customers and citizen-employees is intense. Don't wait for their hot breath in your neck!

There are two solutions for you: the hard way, invest in greener  production, in the insulation of your factories znd buildings, in innovating in sustainable production,  in local supply chain supply chain. But between wanting it, then deciding and finally taking action, it can take a long time (with a financial cost).

Except that reaching carbon reduction up to -55 % between now, that is to say 2020 and 2030, is easier than between 2025 and 2030. And if you wait even longer, last minute, it will be impossible .... And your carbon footprint may have grown in the meantime if you don't act before 2025: it's the killing combination, less time to achieve neutrality starting from a higher baseline.

Your business will just gain a bad reputation, attract neither customers nor talent ....

This is the classic approach, a wall on arrival and having to relocate your production (and your CO2) outside the European Union ... 


Reducing your carbon footprint from 100% to 0% is good, doing it over 10 years is more achievable and sustainable. And starting as low as possible, that's optimal. 


Reducing carbon is also an everyday effort, quick wins, the constant search for optimization, agility. You do it for your productivity, for your purchases, with your subcontractors. Why do you no do this internally, with your employees, your suppliers and your customers on CO2 specifically?

That speaks to you, so see here how we put that into practice ....