Our CSR Strategy

CYC2 means « control your consumptions and costs »

To give results that sustainably meet society’s requirements from a profitable, social, and environmental perspective, CYC2 seeks to promote collaboration, invention, and progress. We support a business strategy that strikes a balance between profit and purpose and generates participated, long- term value for all parties involved. As a result, we consider how our practices and programs will affect our employees, customers, providers, partners, shareholders, and the planet in general. This, in our opinion, will move society in a further inclusive and sustainable direction.

Planet: We are constantly striving to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.

Clients : We create the most efficient technology for our customers to better control their consumption (data and CO2) and costs.

Founders & shareholders : We show that we’re good of their trust by being a sound fiscal investment and acting in agreement with our values.

Society: We support an entrepreneurial business model that is sustainable and benefits society.

Employees: We provide them with high-caliber jobs in a stimulating, welcoming setting that is governed by moral principles.

What are the impact of our services for the environmental?

CYC2 thanks to its Optytel service begins a first step towards the reduction of digital pollution linked to the use of mobile data. A goal that Optytel has set itself in helping our clients to decrease their mobile consumption hence the digital pollution.

CYC2 thanks to its Carbolean service enables organizations to be aware of both their carbon footprint, but also, and/or their non-financial impact. With Carbolean organizations can have a centralized, simple, fast and authentic view of their data in order to take positive impact actions in an informed manner. From quantity of waste, water leak to vehicle fleets fuel consumption.

What do we do at the social level?

Each year, CYC2 supports the association « Escalpade asbl ». This association aims at promoting and realizing educational, social or cultural projects for people with disabilities through receptions or various activities. We support this association since 2015.


Every year, we donate a percentage of our revenue to “La Reserva “ in Brazil. La Reserva is an agroforest in the middle of the Parnaíba Delta region, in Piauí (Brazil). In addition to growing organic food, La Reserva aims to turn the farm into a space for agricultural experimentation. With the aim of producing biodiversity in the semi-arid northeast, the appropriate use of available resources, and in harmony with the environment, La Reserva seeks to strengthen a conscious way of living and cultivating the land. In partnership with Associação Flor da Vida, La Reserva distributes food in nearby communities and to underserved families.


What are our commitments for our employees?

CYC2 is committed to maintaining a working environment that promotes individual dignity and mutual respect.

We seek to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment. We believe that a diversity of opinions and ideas strengthens our organization and stimulates the creativity of our staff to find the innovative solutions we provide to our clients.